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Health Advocate is a service provided at no cost to you by Holman Enterprises.  It can help you and your eligible family members connect to your benefits, resolve healthcare and insurance-related issues, improve your health and balance your work and life.  You can also earn Health Points towards rewards and check your Health Points standing at any time.  For more information, check out the One Call Number for all your healthcare needs.

Health Advocate also offers workshops to help you quit smoking, lose weight and more!  Log in to your member portal to check out the additional resources! Check out any of the following wellness resources by clicking the links below.

Don’t forget to also connect with their blog for more health resources by clicking here.HealthAdvocate Logo

Access Your Member Website 

From your personal computer:
–   Log on to the website:

– Type “Holman” into the organization field and select the Holman Enterprises option that appears.

– Click “Continue”

–  Existing users can enter their User Name & Password; then click “Sign In.”   New users will need to register.  Click the “Register Now” button below the “Sign In” field.  Complete the required fields and then click “Next.”  (Note: Canadian employees should enter Zip Code 08054 when registering.)

Single Sign on for Ignite Users:

-Go to Ignite.

-Click on the HOLMAN button found in the top right corner.

-Click the “Health Advocate” hyperlink.

Single Sign on for Stewgle Users:

-Go to Stewgle.

-On the top toolbar, hover over Resources and select Employee Benefits.

-Under All Regions, click on the Health Advocate link.


Contacting Health Advocate

Call:  866.799.2691


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