Talk to a doctor anytime for $40 or less.  Less costly than an Urgent Care or ER visit, Teladoc is never more costly than a doctor visit.  Contact Teladoc today!

How to get started:

  • Go to to set up your account or Call 1-800-Teladoc
  • On the right side of the screen, in the purple box, enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Aetna Member ID Number as indicated in the cells and click “Submit”
  • The next page will ask you to “Enter Your Account Information.”  Complete this form and click “Set Up My Account.”
  • Your account should now be created.
  • To updated your dependents or spouses and to include any medications, go to your Teladoc homepage.
  • Once your account is setup, you can “Request a consult” online, print ID cards and much more!


Teladoc is a national network  of U.S. board-certified doctors available  on-demand 24/7/365 to diagnose, treat  and  prescribe medication, if necessary, for many of your medical issues.  It’s quality care when you need it at a price you can afford.

Why should you use Teladoc?

  • Talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere you happen to be!
  • Receive quality care via phone or online video.
  • Prompt treatment with an average call back in 16 minutes or less
  • A network of doctors that can treat children of any age
  • Secure, personal and portable electronic health record (EHR)
  • There is no limit on consults.  So, take your time!

When can I use Teladoc?

  • When you need care now
  • If your doctor is unavailable
  • If you’re considering the ER or urgent care center for non-emergency issues
  • On vacation, on a business trip, or away from home
  • For short-term prescription refilles

Get the care you need!  Teladoc doctors can treat many medical conditions, including:

  • Cold & flu symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Respiratory infection
  • Ear infection
  • Sinus problems
  • Pink eye


Teladoc is offered as part  of the Aetna  medical plans,  so any fees paid  to Teladoc will be applied to your medical plan’s annual out-of-pocket maximum. The consultation is subject to your PCP copay.

If you are enrolled in the HDHP plan, the consultation fee is subject to coinsurance and  your annual  deductible.  Fees  will not exceed $40 per consultation.

AT&T Language Line is available for any members who require  translation assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: All users  over the age  of 18 must complete their own medical history disclosure form. Dependents under the age  of 18, their guardian must fill out their form.


Visit or call 1.800.TELADOC



Please note:  If a Teladoc provider writes a prescription it can be filled using your prescription drug  benefits. Unlike the consultation fee, the prescription cost would apply to your plan deductible, when applicable


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