Wellness Wednesday with Aetna – Move to Counter Prolonged Sitting

10 Minutes of Movement for Every Hour of Sitting May Counteract Ill Health Effects of Prolonged Sitting

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Adopted from article by mercola.com; Provided to Holman by the Aetna Director of Wellness

Researchers have currently formed a strong consensus with regards to the health effects of sitting.  In short, the more time you spend sitting, the shorter and less healthy your life will tend to be. In fact, there are now over 10,000 studies showing that chronic sitting—at work, commuting, and watching TV at night—significantly impacts your cardiovascular and metabolic function.

Walk Off the Damage from Sitting…

What’s even more concerning is that studies also show that these risk correlations hold true no matter how much you exercise. Chronic sitting is actually an independent risk factor for poor health and early death, so the answer is to simply limit sitting as much as possible. The good news is that you have virtually unlimited options when it comes to breaking up your sitting. From standing desks and office-friendly intermittent exercise to short walks or taking the stairs; all of it counts.


   Tips to Avoid Prolonged Sitting

     From Dr. Ann Kulze, M.D.

  • Drink enough water during the day that you will need to get up and go to the restroom every couple of hours.
  • Transition to a stand-up desk – these can be purchased or you can make your own (Here’s an entertaining video about how to make your own stand-up desk:  http://igniteseattle.com/2013/02/11/build-your-own-standing-desk-larry-swanson/).
  • Set your watch, phone, or computer to beep at regular intervals to remind you to get up and move.
  • Make all your phone calls standing up.
  • Keep your office trash can and office fax machine a few feet away from your desk to force you to get up to use them.
  • Stand up during office meetings or hold walking meetings when the weather and circumstances allow.
  • Determine a destination and walk there during your lunch break.
  • Commit to moving more during your leisure time– set up weekly walking dates with friends or family members.
  • Get up and move during commercial breaks while watching television.  Try jumping jacks – do it with your kids.

Be grateful for after work household chores that require you to move—an automatic  attitude adjustment.


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